Quick Release Aluminium Fitting -4AN Male
With Viton O-Ring Suit Oil Applications

Aeroflowäó»s quick release fittings are a market break through. These light weight fittings are made from billet 6061-T6 aluminium. They are double anodized to safe guard your fittings against corrosion. They have been tested up to 15000psi and are a perfect choice for brake, clutch or fuel lines depending which seal you choose. They connect by hand in seconds. Perfect for anti-theft device. These fittings are designed for leak free release. Please refer application guide. Aeroflowäó»s quick release fittings are also available with
a heavy duty Titanium body.

NOTE: EPDM seals must be used in brake applications. Viton seals are recommended for oiling applications. Buna N seals are recommended for all fuels except Nitromethane.