Georges Single Turbo SBChrysler On Dyno 1000 + Hp on Pump EFI Wolf V550 ECU
Mario's 363 Windsor 205cc AFR Heads Solid Cam 8 Throttle Body Fuel Injection WOLF V550 ECU Getting ECU Maped On Dyno. 551 HP & 500 ftlbs Pump Fuel
Graemes Cleveland For His Group C Ford XB Coupe.As Per The Era It Is 351ci 4V Heads Not Ported Scott Cook Manifold Solid Cam 850 Pro Systems Carby Mallory Dissy.Pump Fuel 502HP 433 ftlbs
Alans 393 Cleveland for his XB GT Coupe On Dyno 540 hp 510 ftlbs Great under Bonnet Street Combo
Twin Turbo Windsor 1200 HP Runs 8 sec et in Heavy Fairlaine On Pump With Carby

George Twin Turbo 350 Chev Pump Gas

3George Twin Turbo 350ci Chev Pump Fuel 1000hpm


Zoran ZD Fairlaine Engine Getting Run In Without Turbos And Then With Turbos On
BBF Boat Engine
Jerrys BBF SCJ Heads Pump Fuel 763 HP 730 Ft Lbs
Leo's 440 Clevaland Dart Block CHI Heads Street Roller Cam Makes 700+ HP On Pump Fuel
Dyno Room View From Drivers Seat
Leo's 440ci CHI Heads Street Roller Ford On Dyno 700+ HP