John's Twin Turbo Windsor Powered Cortina Street Car Big Wheel Stand By Competition Engines 8.0 ET @ 173mph STREET CARS GONE MAD

XB COUPE 9.8 @ 140MPH

Competition Engines produce 800 horsepower, XB coupe, 427ci Windsor engine, 9.8sec - 140mph Naturally aspirated


Competition Engines 8sec XY BBF

Competition Engines BBF XY Runs High 8 sec et On Pump Fuel


Johns Twin Turbo Cortina

Johns Cortina Twin Turbo 378ci EFI Windsor Built By Competition Engines Runs 9.00 et @ 158 mph On Pump Fuel And Then Puts His Chute In The Boot And Drives Home.


Zoran's ZD Fairlaine Hard Launch

ZD Fairlaine Runs 8.9 sec et 157 mph With Twin Turbo 363 ci Windsor Blow Thru Carby Pump Fuel Built By Competition Engines


Twin Turbo Windsor On Dyno And Then At Track

4000 Pound Fairlaines Can Fly


Darren's XY 408 4v 650+ HP Burn Out

Has Run 10.2 sec et Pump Fuel